The Preserve Spread across 23 acres, is BIAAPA Approved ( BIAAPA/TP2/LAO/ 192/2011-12) residential layout with world class facilities located near Devanahalli on Highway NH-7 Bangalore. it is just 15 minutes drive from the Bangalore International Airport, this region which is developing fast due to IT-BT and Industrial boom is currently in great demand and is expected to grow rapidly in the near future.
Project is Approved by State Bank Of Hyderabad (SBH)
Project is Approved by LIC
  • Wide Black Top Roads (40 & 60 Feet Roads)
  • Centralized underground water supply
  • Reliable Power Supply
  • Sewage Treatment plant
  • Children’s Play area
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Jogging Track
  • 24 hrs Security with Compound wall
  • 20 Parks
  • Club House with swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • VolleyBall Court
  • Indoor Games
  • Party Hall

Price @ Rs.1195/- Per sqft.
Total Area : 1624-1760 Sqft

Car Parking : 1

Bed room : 3

Price from : 45.20 Lacs.

Floor Plan


Internal View
Total Area : 1943-2105 Sqft

Car Parking : 1

Bed room : 3

Price from : 54.84 Lacs.

Floor Plan


Internal View
Total Area : 2800-3200 Sqft

Car Parking : 2

Bed room : 3

Price from : 81.88 Lacs.

Floor Plan


Internal View

Manipal Education is setting up a 200 acre university campus.

KSIIDC has proposed commercial development on 309 acres of land around the airport and the government has sanctioned construction of the biggest convention centre that will house two 5 star hotels on approximately 35 acres of land.

Hi-Speed Airport Rail Link: To facilitate fast and easy connectivity a Hi-Speed Airport Rail link from CBD to the airport is proposed. Over 55 multinational IT companies have shown interest in the ITIR. Infosys Technologies has signed an MoU for a 40-acre unit at Devanahalli with a proposed investment of Rs. 700 crores, providing 12,000 jobs while Wipro’s SEZ in the same area will employ 15,000 at an investment of Rs. 477 crores.

Proposed Trident 5 Star hotel in Devanahalli near BIAL.

The Government of Karnataka has also proposed setting up an entertainment park named ‘Space City’ along the lines of Disneyland in Bangalore. The presence of such an entertainment attraction would confirm Bangalore’s status as a city that is gradually emerging on a global front.

S.R.R. Homes believes in offering its clients answers to most of the Frequently Asked Questions, which helps them in better decision making.

  1. Why buy a Villa or a Residential plot at SRR Homes The Preserve,(Devannahalli) Bangalore?
    Near Devanahalli and Surrounding Areas, Radius of 10kms around Bangalore International Airport, This region is been Identified as fast growth due to BAAL and IT-BT and Industrial boom is currently in great demand and has it is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. Devanahalli, the most happening place of Bengaluru. In terms of major residential and commercial center of Bengaluru. Over 500 acres of commercial and retail activity are proposed around the airport and the entire area has the potential of becoming a unique and model town. Our Projects is on NH-7 Comments “The Preserve you Deserve”.

  2. Is buying a home at SRR Homes The Preserve a good investment?
    The Bangalore property market is one of the world's real estate hot spots. Buying property in Bangalore – The Green City, with its great climate, location and affordable property prices, is attracting thousands of investors every month. The area has already experienced accelerated growth with property values rising as much as 50 to 75% in the last few months and prices doubling every two years. The Project being in close proximity to BAAL – with Expected IT-BT, has large demand and thus gives faster escalation of land prices in short span. Land values in Bangalore area increases 30%-40% per year on an average. No one can predict exactly what the property market is likely to do, but the market is still rising so anything you buy now is likely to double your Investment value in three to five years. Comments “Plot/Land has its Own Value and value for Money any time”

  3. Why is SRR Homes involved in this project?
    We realize the acute need for building satellite communities around Bangalore Urban and Rural limits. These communities will appeal to executives, self-employed workers, retiree's, and NRI’s Investors. The location of these communities is intended to alter the local village structure as it has existed for generations. Comment “Property Expontianal Growth is Your Growth”

  4. Is the title of the property clear?
    Absolutely. The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances.

  5. Will there be any future legal complications from the previous owners?
    No. All the legalities have been thoroughly checked and the titles of the land are crystal-clear..

  6. On the FAQ, it states that SRR The Preserve has clear title for the land/development free of all encumbrances. Can you provide copies of a clear title? What if there is title dispute later? Is there such a thing as title insurance and who pays for that? Would the builder indemnify investors if there is a title dispute prior to completion of construction?
    Yes, copies of deeds and titles can be provided on request. Our Senior Legal Advisors have thoroughly scrutinized and cleared the title. In the event of a dispute that can't be resolved, any monies paid by you will be refunded.

  7. Which authority has approved the Project?
    The property has been converted from Agricultural use to residential purposes and BIAAPA has approved the Project through BIAAPA Planning Authority. The approval number bearing is BIAAPA/TP2/ LAO/192/2011-2012 and can be checked in BIAAPA website also for authenticity.

  8. Which Banks has approved your Project?
    The Preserve Project is Approved By State Bank Of Hyderabad (SBH), Axis Bank, LIC Housing, ICICI Bank is in the process of releasing approval.

  9. Does your Bank sanction loans for NRI’s?
    Yes, IDBI, Axis bank, LIC, Deutsche Bank will sanction loan for NRI’s also. We will put across out Banking executive to explain the documentation process upon receiving the confirmed booking from customer

  10. Is there any plan for adding more sites in addition to this layout?
    Yes, we have Phase-II coming up soon.

  11. Has the land been acquired for the next phase?
    We have already acquired the land and awaiting the departmental approvals for opening sales.

  12. Will prices change?
    Prices are likely be escalated in next two months as we are offering special discounts to our customers as Pre-Launch offer.

  13. I'm an NRI from the United States. How secure will my Villa or Plot be while I'm away?
    Very secure. Our security staff will be aware of your absence and our maintenance staff will assure your peace of mind by maintaining your Property in the same condition - if not better - than if you were there yourself.

  14. Do I get taxed by the U.S. government on bringing back profits after paying capital gains in India?
    Yes, capital gains are taxed by the U.S. government. Approximately 15% on the capital gains, less whatever tax paid in India. (it means one can offset tax paid in India against tax payable in the U.S.)

  15. What are the ramifications of repatriation when a foreigner buys property in India? (Not of Indian Origin)
    One has to obtain permission from Reserve Bank of India for repatriation of sale proceeds and there is no general permission for repatriation. Reserve Bank of India may give permission to repatriate only the amount invested or sale proceedings less taxes on case to case basis.

  16. Based on RBI rules, do you have to hold the property for at least 3 years from taking assignment/possession or 3 years from original investment?
    It is usually from the time of the investment, but we are seeking a clarification from our Indian accountants and lawyers.

  17. Can we have multiple holders listed on the title (i.e. my brother and I) since this would be a joint property investment?
    Yes, you can have multiple holders. Even if it is purchased by cash, you can register the property in both names by following normal procedures.

  18. Another Important Question What is the distance from MG. Road or Mejestic Railway Station.
    1. Majestic Railway Station 51kms
    2. MG. Road 49Kms
    3. Hebbal fly-over 29Kms
    4. BAAL – 14 Kms
    5. Devannahalli 6 kms

  19. Is There any Schools/collages/ Hospital nearby
    1. Stone Hill International School 19 kms before our project The Preserve.
    2. Delhi public School 24kms
    3. Venkesteshwara Engineering College 19kms
    4. Nagaarjuna Engineering Collage 6kms After the Projects
    5. Indian Council Medical Science 14kms
    6. Columbia Asia Hospital 35kms
    7. Baptist Hospital 37kms
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