About Us
In 2010, a group of technocrats in India and overseas together to establish S.R.R. Homes in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia. In a short span of time, this forward-looking company has carved a niche for itself in the demanding and dynamic real estate industry. Several real estate projects today carry the inimitable signature of the group.

Passionate about quality, we at the S.R.R. Homes believe in giving our customers the kind of living spaces that we would like to live in ourselves. Which is why a great deal of thought goes into planning every single project that we undertake, right from identifying the perfect location to the world-class amenities we offer.

At S.R.R. Homes, we value your time and your money. We understand that not only should your home be a refuge from the storms of life but also should give you excellent return on investment (ROI). Delivery schedules are strictly adhered to, and “value-for-money” is not just another buzz term with us: it’s a business philosophy.

We also take great pride in being a customer-focused organization. This “customer-first” philosophy is constantly translated into trailblazing services and innovative activities.

There are many dreams that inspire S.R.R. Homes. Many avenues that await exploration. Many worlds that beckon us. It promises to be a glorious journey for S.R.R. Homes. Travel with us -- and together, let’s celebrate our milestones and our achievements.
Mr. Allu Sivaram Reddy, Managing Director
Mr. SivaRam Reddy, an Engineer and a Technocrat, with more than 15 years of experience in the Marketing & sales in Overseas and India, brings to table his resourceful Network and his Marketing expertise.
In the year 1998, he started his career in US and worked for an MNC till 2002. In the due course, he was highly driven by his intrinsic desire to start a business on his own after which he ventured into the real estate industry, on the marketing and sales sector.

In 2003, he started investing and initiated a real estate business in Bangalore, India, which incited him to relocate his base to Bangalore and took complete control of real estate business in 2009.

With this, he brings together immense experience from diversified areas of business activities including software development, hospitality industries, real-estate construction & development and entertainment. He has a track record of marketing more than 1200 units that includes plots, villa plots, apartments, and villas in various projects.

His high degree of commitment towards customer service, reliability, technological expertise and an passion for quality has all gone onto these years of running successfully in the industry.

Mr. Sri Mummareddy, Director
Young and forward thinking, Mr. Sri Mummareddy is a Software Engineer by Profession, a businessman by choice and a true entrepreneur by nature with a keen sense of direction and a hands-on business acumen with strong emphasis application of technological advancements and sophistications to urban living.

Mr. Mummareddy, has exceptional interpersonal and managerial skills, and is instrumental in transforming the vision of the company into reality. Apart from managing projects single-handedly, he has expertise in the area of quality management and procurement to enhance the 'value for money' to the customer. A hardcore professional with a keen eye for detail, he has worked in USA and Singapore for 16 years in multiple fields. This has only widened his horizons in the area of constructing fine living spaces.

Corporate Vision: To transform dreams into reality, thus creating a brand synonymous with trust, care, respect, commitment and excellence.

Corporate Mission : To be propelled by constant innovation and to create communities that spell a better way of living in every aspect of life.

Corporate Values :

  • Innovation, speed, punctuality, and execution
  • Reliability and integrity
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Open and positive work culture
  • Social responsibility

Property Search & Sales
S.R.R. Homes has developed some of Bangalore's most extraordinary properties in some of the most desirable locations. Our broad portfolio provides a vast array of property selections. If you are looking to buy and/or invest in a home, allow us to open the choicest doors for you in your search for a property.

Real Estate Project Marketing
In addition to marketing our own properties, we also offer our clients diverse investment opportunities from an array of reputable developers and builders. Our team of talented professionals possess strong industry knowledge and are empowered to guide you to the right investment at the right time.

The recognition that we enjoy today is a result of our strong commitment and never-ending effort towards building enriching long-term relationships.
Another entity of SRR Homes. Primarily dealing with projects in Central Bangalore.

Journey back to time when living had a quality and when homes were actually designed for living.

To when spaces were realistically planned and integral to every home, and when nature and buildings seamlessly flowed into each other.

To when living in Dhruva Projects was talked about not just around Bangalore, but around the world, for its exceptional quality of life.

To when the city was beautiful and rich with character, to when life had a definitive aura that made for joyous and fulfilled living.

A private world, Dhruva Project recreates the acclaimed environment and a quality of life reminiscent of Bangalore.

Embellished with the, finest luxury amenities Dhruva Projects combines old world charm with new age living to offer truly exquisite homes and an exceptional living experience.

We at Dhruva Project believe in treating our clients as family as they are investing their fortune to buy a house, we make an epitome of ultra luxury homes also and it's your island of peace in the urban oasis. Every home developed by Dhruva Project is built very passionately and every small things are done with eye to detail with absolute perfection which clients can see in the model home. Every Project has a strategic competitive advantage. We are in premium segment- hence all over action, presentation everything has to be premium and use of branded products. In simple words "Five Star".